Fernando Campo and Borja Salguero

(@ferkhamp and @borjasalguero)

Fernando Campo

Fernando Campo, Firefox OS Frontend Engineer @Telefónica

With a background of web and android development, it was just a matter of time before I ended up jumping in on FirefoxOS. Sports, technology, freedom, and equality, that’s where I want to be.

But don’t follow me on twitter, or you’ll end up disappointed.

Github: github.com/fcampo

Borja Salguero

Borja Salguero, Firefox OS Frontend Engineer @Telefónica. Web technologies passionate and Vespa enthusiast!

Proud member of FirefoxOS Team. Web technologies passionate and Vespa enthusiast, I’ve been working in FirefoxOS from almost the beginning trying to do the same as Enrico Piaggio did with the Scooter, make the App’s world affordable to everybody. Let’s keep it simple, let’s support the Web!

Github: github.com/borjasalguero

FirefoxOS: not only promises

After one year with FirefoxOS on the market, some of the features that we were playing with in the OS now are in your current FirefoxOS. From Gecko v.18 to v.30, we have been testing and improving new APIs and features (and new ones coming!) which let us to play, directly from the browser, to the Hardware layer and other services related.

FirefoxOS is the arrow head of the new features coming to the browser, and an open door to test and improve browser capabilities. Push services? WebRTC? Haida? What are the new features coming? Let’s stay tuned to State of the Browser 2014 Conference!

FirefoxOS: not only promises from London Web Standards on Vimeo.