Dan Donald


Dan Donald

Dan, based up near Manchester, until recently tinkered with web things at the BBC now Front-end Lead at McCann Manchester, tweets mainly nonsense as @hereinthehive. Interested in different ways of looking at what the web is and what we can do with it. Current contributor to The Pastry Box and writes on Break the Page. When not webbing it up he makes noise in Mark of 1000 Evils and stacks up side projects he’ll never get to.

What it means to be flexible?

We’ve worked with responsive design for a few years and explored what we can do with the flexibility it provides but what happens when we start to explore ‘element queries’? When modules within a site can look at both the browser and it’s parent element to make layout choices, that opens up a new level of curiosity and complexity. There’s many ways of making this work now but is this something we want and can we see browsers implementing it?

What it means to be flexible? from London Web Standards on Vimeo.