Jake Archibald


Jake Archibald

Jake works in Google Chrome’s developer relations team, working on specs, implementations, and ensuring developers have tools to make their jobs less painful. He’s a big fan of time-to-render optimisations, offline-first, progressive enhancement, and all of that responsive stuff.

Prior to Google, Jake worked at Lanyrd on their mobile web site (http://lanyrd.com/mobile/), and for the BBC working on JavaScript libraries and standards.

Network connectivity: optional

The web had a bit of a false start with offline access. With ApplicationCache, even if you expect the unexpected you’re still likely to have your expectations unexpectedly confounded. Unexpectedly. However, there’s a new API on it’s way that takes away the magic and puts you in full control of how the browser handles network requests, the ServiceWorker.

Network connectivity: optional from London Web Standards on Vimeo.